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Hello friends old and new! Did you come to my web site to view all the amazing and unique creations AwShucks Designs has to offer? Look no further! I am currently setting up a new shop online, below I introduce you to the colors, shapes, styles, and sizes I can create for you. One of my favorite aspects of this business is creating the pieces, so feel free to let me know if you have a special “look” in mind, and I’ll do my best to whip it up for you. Realize, though, that my shell choices are limited to that which nature washes onto the shore for my selection, and that each and every piece will be quite unique. 


Earrings are always in style! The fun (and frustrating) part about making the earrings is actually finding two that are compatible in size and shape so that they make a “set” yet have subtle differences which make an observer look twice. These can be gilded in gold or silver, or painted rose gold, white pearl, or turquoise. I leave the back side natural with varnish to seal and protect. Posts are nickel/lead free, silver-plated metal. Sizes can be small, medium, or large. All post earrings are priced at $16.00 a pair.

Sizing: This can be tricky, but on average, the small ones are under an inch long, medium are 1-2 inches long, and large are 3 inches or longer.

Earrings look smashing with a matching pendant necklace!

*New* I’ve recently begun making dangle earrings with small oyster shells and charms. These have been wildly popular at festivals this fall, so in 2018 I’ll be focusing on making more of these to sell. Stay tuned!


Examples of small, medium, and large earrings compared to a regular paper clip.
Compare sizes in beautiful gold. Most large earrings are long (3rd from left) rather than rounded (far right).



White Pearl Necklaces
This has been an incredibly popular color! The white pearl just POPS on a colored top. Sizes shown are small, medium, and large.
Necklaces 2 Sizes
Compare relative sizes of the necklace pendants. Also, check out the bright metallic colors!

Necklaces are the most eye-catching, stunning, attention-receiving pieces of jewelry you will ever wear. You WILL get boatloads of compliments when wearing this out in public, so be prepared! Naturally, because they are real oyster shells I find on the beach, they are all unique. No one will now or ever have the same necklace as you do!

Chains: Typically, I hang the smaller pendants on the shorter chains (15-18 in) and the longer pendants on the longer chains (20-20 in). It’s easy to make a swap, though, based on your preference. Chains are currently gold, silver, and rose gold. Most are 1.5 mm-2 mm in width.

Charms: Charms can also be added. I currently have beach-themed charms and pearls, though will happily search for a specific item you have in mind. 

Sizing: Again, widths and lengths all vary quite a bit. Small ones are from 1-2 inches long, medium from 2-3 inches long, and large are longer than 3 inches. Width can vary and most are longer than they are wide. Note that the “top” of the oyster’s shell is usually ridged and dimensional, while the “bottom” of the shell is typically flat without ridges, though may have nice swirls! Currently, pendants run from $22-28.00 depending on size and charm(s).

Pendant necklaces look amazing with matching earrings!


Basically, any pendant shell I make can become a keychain. I do add on extra coats of varnish so they are quite tough and virtually unbreakable. Just don’t run over it with your car. Charms can also be added.

Price for keychains are $18.00 each, which includes one charm if you’d like.

What a great gift for that man in your life. My husband advises the small shell for guys so it will fit in the pocket. Ladies, it’s nice to have a larger one so it’s easier to find in the handbag. 


Ring-holders are unique places to house a special ring or necklace in your dressing area. They could also be used for keys or coins in the foyer, paper clips or pins on your desk, or even toothpicks on the dinner table! The many uses are endless. Each are made with two large oyster shells I attach together. I TRY to make each one reversible so you can get two looks for the price of one, and can also add a pearl or two if you’d like. Price for ring-holders are $16.00 each.

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