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My Mildly Annoying Hang Tag Experience (Or Now that I Have Jewelry to Sell, What Do I Display It On???)

Things are moving along at a brisk pace now that summer has arrived and I can focus more time on my business. It’s a challenge to work on so many threads each day… I’m somewhat ADD (okay, a lot ADD) and I tend to flit from one activity to another all day long and at the end of the day wonder what I’ve accomplished. I must start making a list of goals for the day and week in order to see forward progress.

So one achievement I have made which has taken 2 long weeks is having earring and necklace cards printed. This item alone took me in 3 different directions. Not knowing exactly how they will be utilized in my jewelry business, I decided to opt for one with a hole at the top for possible hanging and a similar shape to that on my Pinterest boards (that’ll be another post- and a very exciting one for me personally).

First, I found a business on Etsy who shall remain unnamed, and you’ll see why in a minute. They were able to customize my cards with my logo and web site information in the size that I wanted. I placed my order and the next day they sent me a mockup, which looked awesome, so I gave permission to print. Then I waited. And waited. And I sent them a message through Etsy, and got no reply. Another message, several days later a reply. “We are having problems with our printer.” Oh, grrrrreat.

I started looking for another source, and found one with the cute outline shape I mentioned having on Pinterest. Serendipitous, I suppose. I messaged her and asked if she could speed up the processes and she was able to knock those puppies out and get them mailed and in my hands within 3 days. Most impressive, and they look FANTASTIC. I will give a shout out to her if anyone is in the market for custom made tags with your logo. Say hi to Dee at CollageStudio45 on Etsy when you place your order! I’ll post some pics of how they look with my earrings on them. And, oh, I cancelled the first order and got a polite refund.

A great Etsy shop for custom ordering hang tags and display cards for jewelry. Dee is quick and friendly! (And this isn’t even an affiliate link!)

As an aside, let me mention how packages are received in my silly household. My husband and I order quite a bit online which are shipped by UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Like we know the UPS guy by name. Anyway, there’s always the ring of the doorbell, the announcement that something good has just been dropped off on our doorstep. Then whomever decides to stand up first goes to fetch it, and we both start shouting out “Mines! Mines!” It sounds more like “Mientz” actually. And whomever’s name is on the package “wins.” And gloats for a few minutes. Yep. That’s how we roll.

So, anyway, this is the icing I’ve been waiting for. I immediately unpacked my tags and started carefully placing my earrings on them. They each have to be sealed at the top somehow, and the recommendations are to tape or staple. Ew. Not very attractive, don’t you think? So I rummaged around in my craft closet (there’s another whole story for another day) and dug out some Glue Dots. These are amazing little sticky bits that I found work delightfully for these tags. You just dab them from the paper strip to your tag, then fold and press. Voila! No tape or staple in sight! And I THINK, I could be wrong, but I do think I recall seeing a package of several boxes of dots at A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts store, on which I could use the 40-50% off coupon to stock up on them for just s few bucks. Let me check into that… okaaaaay so it appears as though you can’t actually purchase items from their web site. Didn’t realize that. I will go by there and find out and follow up so we will all know. Glue dots are awesome. Hmm… I’ve just started reading about affiliate links. Maybe I should start with Glue Dots? I need to add that to my ever-growing list of little things to do. :-0

Yes, a four-pack can be purchased at A.C. Moore for about $20. Use a coupon and get them for a really low cost!

I’m thinking… what would a reader want to know that I haven’t said already? Cost maybe? Sure! Ok, so I needed to make sure this was going to work so I only ordered a small number for starters. But Dee’s plan for the specific one I bought (item #FN02, 2 in. x 2.5 in.) is this: 60 cards for $20, 120 cards for $37, 180 for $58, 240 for $75. Her colors choices are white, cream, kraft, birch, beach, and ivory. My shipping for 120 cards with first class mail was $2.61


So, now that I have these adorable little hangers, my gorgeous teal boxes, and my (son-generated) business cards, I feel like I’m truly ready to roll with this business! Let the sales begin!  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the ‘netverse. Leave a comment and share a small victory you had with your newly started business or blog!

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