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My First Posting on Artfire

      I know I’m putting the cart a little bit before the horse, because I don’t have every i dotted and every t crossed at this point. I just couldn’t wait to post something to sell! I spent some time reviewing the different sites on which to sell, and decided Artfire looked like the best bet for me. I may do Etsy down the road, but I think at this point my earrings would get lost in the masses of millions of earrings they have for sale. Artfire seemed to be more upscale, which I consider my pieces to be.

     I still have a list of things that need to be done before I’m truly under way. Alex (my son, who, by the way, is graduating today from high school) is creating my logo and I’m very eager for that so I can have business cards made and use it on my postings. I also need cards to put the earrings on and would like to find a place where I can have them custom made, with those little holes and my logo. With my students, we made eggshell earrings and used a little hole puncher but it was SO hard to get them just in the right place every time. LOGO1


     My jewelry boxes came in yesterday!! Love them! The color is just so pretty and hopefully when my mailers arrive they will blend right in.  It reminds me of the clear waters of the Caribbean, and Tiffany’s! My son and I were discussing whether I should wrap a ribbon around the outside like a gift. He thought it would be a nice touch. Gold or white? I’m thinking gold. 

     Next I have to figure out the whole shipping situation… I bought some mailing stickers at Walmart but don’t know how to make the label on the computer. If I make a sale early I guess I can just go to the post office- I know how to use the little mailing machine. But I don’t want to be running there every time I need to send a package off. Put that on the growing list of many things to do!

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