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How I Found the Perfect Mailing Materials

There are so many components to this business startup. It could be overwhelming. I just keep telling myself to take it one bite at a time. One of my former principals used to say “By the inch, it’s a cinch; by the yard, it’s really hard.” She was a crazy woman but that one makes perfectly good sense to me so I use it all the time.

When I sell a product online and need to ship it, I want to have a presence that helps people realize that they are buying an upscale, high quality item. It takes a lot of time and care to create my beauties, so it’s important to me that message comes across clearly.

My favorite colors are anything in the blue-green range, probably because I am a diehard Pisces and am constantly being drawn towards the water. Those gorgeous turquoise waters of the Caribbean mesmerize me. So, for that reason as well as, well the shells come from the waters, those will be my theme colors and I will weave them throughout my business. I’m told this is called branding.

I spent quite some time just googling best ways to ship fragile goods and reading the suggestions from many people. It seems that the safest method and the one I’ve decided upon is to place the item in a gift jewelry box then put the box into a poly mailer which is tough and waterproof. I have a lot of white organza bags in my craft closet so will use those when putting them in the gift box. It seems that the box really helps protect the items en route. I read a few horror stories about packages being crushed and want to avoid that if at all possible.

Next  I spent quite some time searching for the right boxes and mailers. Getting the sizes right is tricky. And I want to spend as little as possible but still have a gorgeous product when it arrives in the mail. The best – priced place I found for the mailers is


Here’s a pic of the mailers I am purchasing. I’m going to start with 250 for $42.99. They have free shipping as well so I figure that’s about 17 cents apiece. And 250 should last me a while! I’m going with a bit larger that I had originally thought because I want to be SURE the boxes fit inside even if I need to wrap the box a bit or fold over the extra lip of the mailer. Or if someone orders more than one item. And I decided to go with the teal color to match my theme of ocean. Plus it makes me think of Tiffany’s. 🙂

Let me mention that they of course have plain white mailers as well that are a little bit cheaper… about 15 cents if you order 350 (for some reason they don’t sell those in 250’s). The cents difference for me is worth it to have my gorgeous color.  I don’t know why placing the order gives me a thrill but it does! I guess it shows that I’m one step closer to officially “opening” my business.   



Now- the boxes…. unfortunately I feel like I need somewhat taller boxes because the oyster can be higher than normal jewelry. That costs more. Still, the best place I found on my search to purchase these is The set of 100 teal boxes I need to order runs $38.99. They have free shipping for orders over $50 so I could get 2 sets and save the $8.95. However, they also sell jewelry making supplies, beads, and pearl necklaces. So I am going to grab a couple of necklaces to push me over $50. I need some pearls to add flair to some of my necklaces, so that works out perfectly. My total was $51.17. No shipping $! Yay!!   I’m rolling now!


Let me mention that I did spend hours during the entire week building towards making those 2 purchases. It’s hard to be patient but it pays off. I really feel like I’ve got it just right, and I’m so happy!

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