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(Weebly) Web Site Up and Running! (I Know, I Know… I Switched Soon After)

May 11, 2017

I’m feeling good today and learning lots of new things. The trouble I had posting pictures here is due to my hard drive being full…. apparently I have waaaaay too many pictures and iPhoto keeps files in more than one place which takes up twice as much space. Needless to say I am backing up and trashing. That takes time, though. I put everything into a Google Cloud storage file so I can access them ALL from one place. Before, I had several different iPhoto libraries and on flash drives and, well a big mess. So this web site (I was using at the time before I switched to WordPress). I’m using Weebly because I have had a little experience with it and it’s pretty user friendly. I finished my first post and managed to find a few pics to put up. When I went to save, it kept showing me the “Sign up for a domain” window. I went onto Weebly’s online customer service and the lady was so attentive and helpful- props to Weebly. I’m sure she was rolling her eyes but she didn’t let on. It seems that when I signed up, that was just for the monthly business web site here, and I also needed to sign up for a domain on the internet- separately (who knew?). She helped me do that so now I am a bonafide dot-com! Excited! I was able to publish the page so now it’s up and running on the world wide web.

I also set up a Facebook page but need more time to add pics and info to that. Soon.

Another thing my tech buddy Jonathan helped me understand is the need for a business license of some sort so I can’t get sued personally. I paid $25 to apply for my name AwShucks and am waiting 3-5 business days to find out if it is approved, at which time I have to pay $100 to register it as an LLC. I guess I put the cart before the horse because this blogging web site we are on now has my name and what if I can’t use the name as my business name? Hmm. The web site, btw, that you use to register for the name and then for the business is  . You have to sign up, then on the main page it will have a button for name registration. I found all that to be tricky… it wasn’t the most user-friendly site. You end up in the Georgia Corporations Division.

So while I wait, I’ll work on my blog here, my Facebook page, and continue building my stock of merchandise. When we have the name and my son finishes the logo, I can make cards for the earrings (somehow…?) and business cards, can put the logo on my web sites, and start getting ready to sell some jewelry.

Soon I will make a blog page with pictures showing my process from beach to ear. I have pictures but want to post them the best way for you to view them easily. Slide show? Gallery? I’m open to suggestions! (It’ll be so awesome when I have followers so there will actually BE people to offer suggestions! Right now I am just pretending as if I have many flocks of followers! So au revoir, followers!

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