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And Awaaaaay I Go! — AwShucks

My name is Letha- like “Lisa” with a lisp. Maybe not politically correct, but sometimes it’s the only way to get people to understand that I am not saying Lisa. It’s my grandmother’s name, so I can’t complain. So, what am I doing here on WordPress? Well, I’ve been arts-and-crafting for myself and with my elementary students for years and years. I have filled up a walk-in closet with crafting supplies… and it’s spilling into the bedroom and the office. I see something interesting and I want to try it out! Though I’ve dabbled in many crafts, I haven’t fallen into step with anything that I am so passionate about that I want to do it every day. However, I don’t have that problem anymore.

via And Awaaaaay I Go! — Aw Shucks

       Recently, my husband and I bought a little cottage not far from Savannah (in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina) for the weekends and future retirement. As I’ve learned more and more about life in “Boof” (our little pet name for this amazing little gem) I’ve discovered something I’ve never even ever thought or cared about before. Oyster shells.

     Now, here’s the thing. I don’t eat oysters. I don’t watch other people eat oysters. I just don’t associate with oysters. I don’t appreciate really amazing oyster artwork (sorry, Belami). Oysters have simply not been on my radar. For 52 years. UNTIL I discovered (with the help of my new photographer friend downtown) three river beaches in the vicinity of Beaufort with oyster shells of every shape and size littered all over the sand. And, well, I’ve now quickly grown very fond of oyster shells, in a period of about a month. Just the shells, mind you. Shell minus slimy critter attached inside. ew.

If the weather is nice, I paint my shells on my back patio. It’s screened in (no bugs!) and has delightful afternoon sunlight to really help me see every aspect of each shell.

Seriously though- these shells I’m accumulating are as unique as fingerprints! And when I shine them up with some gold liquid gilding- OMG they become ART! I have found something I can really sink my teeth into (not literally, ew). I now have focus. I now have a vision.  I have a new hobby and am beginning to start a business that combines some of the things I love most …. beach-combing, crafting, and making money. My daughter, who inherited my creative genes, came up with the name AwShucks which grew on me quickly… it’s short and catchy and fun. My son is currently about to graduate from high school and is heading to college for a degree in graphic design. I’ve got him working on my logo for my business cards and such. There’s so much involved and I could feel overwhelmed but then I think, hey, I want this. And I’ll take my time and do what I need to do to make it happen. Relax.

Here I need to mention that I started my blog on the Weebly platform. Even though I’d heard WordPress was “all that with whip cream on top,” I was scared it would be too hard for me to use. I was familiar with Weebly from a prior school project-based learning experience, so I stayed in my comfort zone. 4 weeks later… in hindsight…. wrong move. I’ve signed up to take a class with an awesome couple I stumbled across (Alex and Lauren at )  and they use WordPress… and I’ll hear about an awesome plugin to use, which is only made for WordPress. WordPress, WordPress, WordPress. I’ve heard enough. I’m making the switch before I get too deep into a pit I can’t escape from. 

     It was at this point in my early blogging career that I was trying to figure out how to post a picture in my blog text. I never quite figured it out in Weebly, and now here I am trying again. Will update you on this endeavor next blog post! (Update- check it off the list!)

​ If you stumble across my page and would like to follow along and/or offer advice to this newbie, I welcome you! I’ve got a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I’m looking at this business startup as a work in progress. As I tell my students constantly, “Learn from your mistakes.” I live by that motto! So…. here we go!


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